Welcome to Rockaway Civic Association

Communities can only thrive by constant nurturing and diligent oversight.  The various components to creating a vibrant community are never ending; protection from future natural disasters, beautification, resiliency, economic stability and safety are just a few.

To move forward in a organized manner we must all take steps in this enrichment process.  We understand that sometimes we all need some direction so, if you have been asking yourself … HOW CAN I HELP MY COMMUNITY BECOME A BETTER PLACE?    Our answer to you is – start with a simple first step of becoming a member of your civic association.  Civic Associations such as Rockaway Civic are continually advocating on the issues which assist in moving our communities future in the right direction.  

We encourage you will visit our membership page and make that commitment.   By joining, you help support the continued efforts of Rockaway Civic to build more  dynamic vibrant community.  


To view the design for Phase III portion (Beach 109th – Beach 126th Streets) of the boardwalk click on the cover of the presentation below.

9.18 cover

How will construction of Phase III boardwalk affect the area?  Come out & hear for yourselves.

10.30 Boardwalk Construction Meeting